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Hi all,

I met with the LLNL lawyer, Quentin Vaughan, and an LLNL rep from our intellectual property office late last week.  They had a few additional comments & feedback that  I wanted to pass along.

I will state that LLNL sees OFA as an important organization that we want to continue to be a strong participant in OFA.   There is likely a path through most of these issues, but as things currently stand there are challenges with the current bylaw language.

First, as currently written it would not be possible for LLNL to accept the new bylaws without all the supporting policy documents.  This is mainly due to the fact that various IP/licensing issues are wrapped up in the policy docs and the bylaws say once you accept the bylaws you accept whatever policy docs the board approves.

Some of this sensitivity ties back to the fact that DOE labs are funded by the gov’t, but run my non-gov’t entities on behalf of the gov’t.  For example, Lawrence Livermore National Security (LLNS) runs LLNL for the gov’t.  The contract between LLNS and the federal gov’t prohibits us from giving away IP.  Those IP terms are pretty explicit.   LLNL can contribute directly to open source projects, but it’s nearly impossible (or very very complicated) for us to grant a license to OFA to release code.  It’s possible the board may approve IP policies that our federal contract doesn’t allow LLNL to abide by.

My LLNL council mentioned that other “open source” projects/organizations have dealt with this by having a membership level that is specific to gov’t labs.  Perhaps a “gov’t Promoter” level that wouldn’t force something on the labs that the U.S. gov’t prohibits the Labs from doing.

I can address any questions via email or on Thursday’s call.   I can also filter questions back to our legal and IP folks.




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Thanks Paul.

Here is the LLNL review of the draft bylaws with change tracking on.  The LLNL comments fall mainly into three categories.
First, when will the policy docs be available.
Second, LLNL legal had some concerns about bylaws consistency.
Third, bylaws meeting state of California law.

I’ve address the first.  I didn’t want to take a stab at the second and third without OFA seeing Quentin/LLNL legals comments.

For more details please see Quentin Vaughan’s comments throughout the doc.



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Please send LLNL’s feedback, in a WORD doc or as comments inline in the draft itself, to this list.  Please title the document “OFA_Bylaws_DRAFT_05AUG2020_LLNL.docx.
That will help me to keep a clear record of the comments.  Thanks Matt, for sheparding this through LLNL legal.  Looking forward to the comments.

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Hi all,

I will not be able to attend today’s meeting due to a conflicting all-day project review.

I did receive some feedback from LLNL legal on the draft bylaws.  Should I send that feedback to this list, or directly to Doug/others?




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