[Ofa_boardplus] Important: Nominations for Vice-Chair and Treasurer are open

Doug Ledford dledford at redhat.com
Fri May 7 08:45:48 PDT 2021

At this week's XWG, we opened nominations for the Vice-Chair and Treasurer
positions.  Nominations will be open until this month's Board meeting on
the 20th.  At that point, nominations will close and people will have a
month to review the nominees before the vote on the positions at the June
Board meeting.

I would like to thank Jim Ryan for his continued support and participation
in the role of Treasurer.  I have spoken to Jim, and if no one else steps
up, he will continue to perform this duty.  However, Jim is retired, and
he'd like to actually *be* retired, so we are looking for someone to take
on this role going forward.

Phil Cayton is currently serving as the Vice-Chair and he has been
nominated to continue in that position.  He has served less than a full
term because he was elected mid-cycle after I vacated the Vice-Chair
position to take the Chair position.  This would be his first full term
cycle is elected again.

I want to stress to people that the particular role in the officer's
positions at the OFA does not really mean much.  There are some
responsibilities that go with each role: the Chair runs the meetings, the
Treasurer double checks the Linux Foundation's work on our books, the
Secretary does the meeting minutes, and the Vice Chair is the muscle ;-).
Outside of that, all of the officer positions are treated equally and we
all participate in the leadership meetings as peers working to move the OFA
forward.  So if you would like to participate in our weekly leadership team
meeting and help direct the OFA, then please nominate yourself (or someone
else! Phil was nominated by Michael :-)).
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