[ofiwg] agenda for 8/12 meeting

Michael Blocksome blocksom at us.ibm.com
Tue Aug 12 11:16:40 PDT 2014

I missed the webex meeting today and apologize if some of the following 
was already considered for the face-to-face meeting agenda. I'd like to 
discuss some of the issues related to starting a new open source project, 
how to enable concurrent development, etc. No need to address these on the 
mailing list, just something to think about at the meeting next week.

Also, I have some questions about the libfabrics implementation. 
- Are vendors expected to implement additional 'providers' as opposed to 
close-source implementation of the libfabric interface?
- If multiple libfabric implementations are allowed, how do we ensure 
compatibility (required library naming conventions, etc) to allow 
middleware to link/dlopen different libfabric libraries?



Open source
- license, contributor agreement, etc?
- location of top level git repositories

Development process
- commit authority
- code review (sign-off) requirements?
        -- only 'blessed" (interface) files?
        -- all files?
        -- no files - sign-off not needed?
- git merge vs git rebase
        -- development branches
- release management (branches)
        -- 'stable', 'alpha', 'beta', 'next', etc
- trac database?
        -- bug reports
        -- interface changes
- how to obtain agreement on proposed interface changes
        -- early bringup - less control
        -- more interface control needed when dependent projects are 
started (provider implementations, middleware prototypes, etc)


Michael Blocksome
Parallel Environment MPI Middleware Team Lead, TCEM
POWER, x86, and Blue Gene HPC Messaging
blocksom at us.ibm.com
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