[ofiwg] request for libfabric 1.1.1 release

Jeff Squyres (jsquyres) jsquyres at cisco.com
Fri Aug 28 10:55:31 PDT 2015

On Aug 28, 2015, at 12:49 PM, Hefty, Sean <sean.hefty at intel.com> wrote:
> I've fixed a few bugs in fabtests, but they were all part of the code refactoring.  Trying to separate them out would require branching from v1.1.0 and creating new patches with the same conceptual fix.
> I would rather focus my effort on completing the code refactoring, which would mean that having a 1.1.1 release of fabtests would pick up the code refactoring.  If we're okay with that (personally I am -- we're talking about tests), I can create a 1.1.1 release.  (I'm assuming that no one else will want to patch v1.1.0 either.)


I like the idea of having fabtests/libfabric paired releases; makes it much easier to explain to users.

Jeff Squyres
jsquyres at cisco.com
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