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Thanks Scott.  I think I mostly agree with what you're saying.  After this morning's meeting I did what I threatened to do, which is to add a rank of NVDIMMs to the client side.  Doing so helps me pose the question, which should be asked for both kernel and user mode.  I think you've given us the answer for kernel mode below, but let's see.  Take a look at slide 6 please.  The slide deck is a juiced-up version of what we worked on last fall.


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Hi Paul,

Regarding slide 31 and your comment about adding yellow NVDIMM on the left side of the client, if we are talking about userspace processes, than I would definitely say yes. I assume that the userspace libfabric will have a shared memory provider that uses mmapped bounce buffer in the worst case and single-copy mechanisms such as Linux’s Cross Memory Attach (CMA) or SGI’s XPMEM. Because the processes have different address spaces and each process will end up with a copy of the data, using message queues and RMA make sense.

In the kernel, however, there is a single address space and I am not sure if having two copies is beneficial in any way. If so, then I am not sure if it makes sense to access local resources via kfabric.


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