[Ofmfwg] OFA_OpenFabrics_Manager Webex meeting invitation: UFM/OFM

Herrell, Russ W (Senior System Architect) russ.herrell at hpe.com
Fri Oct 2 05:46:48 PDT 2020

I can't make this week's meeting.  I'm not sure what the agenda is, but our timeline suggests we should be pulling together a list of clients.
We have Slurm and Kubernetes of course, which we have already started working on.

I'm going to propose ODIM from ODIM.io will also be a very useful client if not actual component of the OFMF, maybe both.  I've begun looking into what ODIM is and how it might fit with OFMF.  I can report on that next week if necessary.

Additional clients to consider:
        Obviously, the other Container orchestration services, such as (from a survey: https://www.g2.com/products/kubernetes/competitors/alternatives)
*       Red Hat OpenShift
*       Docker Enterprise?
*       AWS Amazon elastic Container Service
*       Google's Kubernetes Engine (how is this different than Kubernetes?)
*       Azure Kubernetes Service (same question?)
*       Cloud Foundry
*       Rancher (never heard of that one, but maybe pretty interesting?)
*       Others
      Then there are other job managers (alternatives to Slurm)  (ones I've heard of and we've mentioned before)
*       Torque
*       PBS
*       Mesos

      Then we need to look at IB tool stacks, but I haven't dug into anything at all there.  Probably someone that uses IB can get us started....


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