[libfabric-users] MEETING NOTICE: OFIWG Meeting w/ DMTF on Redfish

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Mon Dec 16 14:47:56 PST 2019

This is a reminder that there will be a presentation on Redfish at tomorrow’s OFIWG meeting.

- Sean

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DMTF to present Redfish at OFIWG Meeting
December 17 at 9:00AM PST

The core mission of the OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) is to accelerate the development and adoption of advanced fabrics.  Recognizing that fabric management is a core element of any fabric architecture, we have invited a representative of the DMTF (formerly known as the Distributed Management Task Force) to join us to present the Redfish work and explore a possible engagement between the DMTF and the OFA focused on fabric management.  One possible outcome of such an engagement might be the emergence of a new working group devoted to developing tools for fabric management that are independent of the underlying fabric. This notion of ‘fabric independence’ is very appealing to the OFA since it is central to our approach to developing networking software.

Beginning with the DMTF’s Redfish<https://www.openfabrics.org/?nltr=NTI7MzIxMTtodHRwczovL3d3dy5kbXRmLm9yZy9zaXRlcy9kZWZhdWx0L2ZpbGVzL1JlZGZpc2hfVGVjaF9Ob3RlLU5vdmVtYmVyXzIwMTgucGRmOzs0OTBlMDM3Njg3MmY3MzA5NmVjNDcyYzM2YzMwMjhkMw%3D%3D> standard, the objective of the meeting is to focus on the emerging Redfish fabric model. Redfish is a data model wrapped in a transport based on a standard RESTful API and is designed to deliver simple and secure management for converged, hybrid IT and the Software Defined Data Center.  The fabric model extends Redfish to include network management concepts. A rough agenda for the meeting is:

  *   Redfish background and history for context
  *   Information on the overall approach of the data model for the rest of the ecosystem (Servers, Storage, Power/Cooling, DCIM, Management) and the services.
  *   A review of the current fabric model itself – the general sense of the model, changes added since its inception, as well as the fabrics that it is addresses, both current and planned.

We plan to hold this important meeting at an upcoming OFIWG regular teleconference, scheduled for Tuesday, December 17th at 9:00AM PST.  Logistics for joining the meeting can be found here on the OFA’s central calendar.<https://www.openfabrics.org/?nltr=NTI7MzIxMTtodHRwczovL3d3dy5vcGVuZmFicmljcy5vcmcvbXktY2FsZW5kYXIvP2NpZD1teS1jYWxlbmRhciZtb250aD0xMiZ5cj0yMDE5Ozs2NTg1NmMyZDFlMzNhZTA3MzkzMDE2NGNmOTRjZjIxMA%3D%3D>  The OFA is an open organization, meaning that there are no special requirements or limitations on attendees

-Paul Grun
Chair, OpenFabrics Alliance
Co-chair, OFIWG

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