[libfabric-users] Paper from the ISO C++ meeting last week

Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
Mon Feb 24 05:40:19 PST 2020

There have been ofiwg discussions in the past about extending C++ to support fabrics, with the implementation layering over libfabric.  Those centered on aligning with ASIO.  And just to be clear, this was not about creating a C++ interface over libfabric. 

Chris (copied) is the person who has been driving most of the actual work.

The model proposed in the paper deviates from that used in asio and reflects a change in possible course of the networking TS that better fits with the async abstractions introduced by senders/receivers and the executors, coroutines etc etc.

The thing that struck me was how well the current libfabric API fits to the example used in the paper - (it seemed to me like fairly small changes in libfabric could be made to produce a c++ conformant library - if the new approach to networking is adopted - which is of course a large if). Note that I have not really paid attention to previous asio papers so I just thought I'd post the new paper as a heads up in case anyone was interested.


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