[libfabric-users] Verbs provider without rdmacm

Sylvain Didelot sdidelot at ddn.com
Wed Jan 22 13:12:19 PST 2020


The Verbs provider requires every Infiniband interfaces to have an IP
address set because connection establishment is delegated to RDMACM.

It appears that RDMACM is not always available, which prevents
Libfabric to run on such platforms. 
In addition, RDMACM causes some issues with multirail where multiple
local interfaces belong to the same subnet. In this case, specific IP
routes must be set to prevent an interface to reply to ARP requests for
another interface, otherwise RDMACM would be completely messed up.

Is there any plan to provide an alternative protocol for connection
establishment where Queue Pairs could connect together based on their
If not, do you think it's a feature the community would be interested

Sylvain Didelot

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