[libfabric-users] no perf effect from FI_MORE with verbs; ofi_rxm provider?

Titus, Greg gregory.titus at hpe.com
Tue Jan 28 11:51:30 PST 2020

Hi all --

I'm trying out FI_MORE with the verbs;ofi_rxm provider, but I'm not seeing any performance benefit from it.  Specifically, I see the same performance doing remote writes with regular fi_write() calls and waiting for the CQ event after each one, versus doing batches of 64 fi_writemsg() calls with FI_MORE on all but the last one, and waiting for all 64 completions only after the last one in the batch has been initiated.  I see the same for remote reads, comparing fi_read() and fi_readmsg().  Should I expect any performance benefit from FI_MORE with verbs;ofi_rxm?  If so, are there other things I have to do to get that benefit, beyond merely batching transactions and delaying waiting for completions?



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