[libfabric-users] Not receiving messages from other ranks

Biddiscombe, John A. john.biddiscombe at cscs.ch
Wed Feb 10 06:20:01 PST 2021

Hi list

I was previously using 1 endpoint for both sending and receiving and wanted to see if using a thread-local endpoint for sending would make a difference to overall performance, so I have changed the code initially to use 1 endpoint for recv, another for send.

I get completions for all send messages - regardless of where they are sent.

I only get messages for recv when the test is sending messages to itself, messages from other ranks are missing.

rank0-->rank0 = ok send, ok recv

rank0-->rank1 = ok send,      no recv

rank1-->rank1 = ok send, ok recv

rank1-->rank0 = ok send,      no recv

I have bound the same address vector to both endpoints and bound a cq for RECV to one and TRANSMIT to the other

Any ideas what I might be missing that would cause this particular problem?



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