[libfabric-users] Not receiving messages from other ranks

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Fri Feb 12 13:00:53 PST 2021

> I'm using 64bit tags and I get weird (=I can't explain it well) results if I put some
> info like rank in the tag using bitmasks - then the sockets version stops working (but
> I have no idea why making the tags more different/unique would be an issue (however,
> mismatched tags would explain the data fail when tests are run with sockets - if the
> wrong tag is being matched, we get errors, but if I change the tags, nothing matches -
> should I only use 32bit tags?).

Check the results from fi_getinfo.  There's a tag mask somewhere in the attributes that indicates which tags are valid.  I believe most providers are in the 60+ tag range, depending on other options, but I'm not sure about the full 64-bit range.

- Sean

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