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Doug Ledford dledford at redhat.com
Wed Oct 7 07:22:42 PDT 2020

This is a notification to Boardplus members that the upstream community has been invited to the upcoming OFA Webinar on the FSDP cluster next Tuesday at 1pm EDT (anyone from this list is welcome to attend too, but you've supposedly heard it all before).

In a sense, this will be the FSDP's coming out party.  Prior to this, all the talks and presentations had been private between members of the OFA.  Now we are announcing things to the wider upstream community.  Everyone that's on this list and builds hardware has agreed that they want to be represented in the FSDP, but not all of you have actually shipped your stuff out yet.  Let's please try to close on that issue by the end of this week if we can.  When asked, I want to be able to answer with all honesty that "Yes, hardware has been provided by all the RDMA vendors" without having to equivocate or hem and haw about the issue.  Feel free to contact me off list to work out any final details, or here's the shipping address if you just want to go ahead and get the hardware sent (just send a note to myself and Lincoln Lavoie <lylavoie at iol.unh.edu> to let us know what's coming):

Attn: OFA Lab C/O Lincoln Lavoie
21 Madbury Road, Suite 100
Durham, NH 03824

Thanks for your attention to this!

Doug Ledford <dledford at redhat.com>
              GPG KeyID: 0E572FDD

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