[libfabric-users] Scatter/Gather send operations

Jörn Schumacher jorn.schumacher at cern.ch
Fri Jun 15 08:30:33 PDT 2018

Hi all,

I would like to accelerate my software (NetIO if anybody remembers) by 
using scatter/gather operations like fi_sendv.

I have two questions about that:

1) For the verbs provider it looks like scatter/gather support is very 
limited. By default a vector can only contain up to 4 entries. How far 
can I push that? I would like put there in the order of 100s of entries.

2) Concerning memory registrations. All iovec entries would come from an 
address range which can span maybe up to 4 GB. Do I have to register 
every iovec entry, or would be sufficient to do one memory registration 
of the large 4 GB memory region?

Thanks for your help.


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